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Art of Storytelling

Posted by Jay Menes on February 22, 2012 at 2:15 AM

Question: What is the quickest way that people listens when you speak?

Answer: It's your stories.

If you master the art of telling compelling stories that make unforgettable points, you will thrive as a powerful speaker that people will listens.


At its core, Storytelling is the art of using language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to a specific, live audience.


What is a story? Most dictionaries define a story as a narrative account of a real or imagined event or events. A story is more generally agreed to be a specific structure of narrative with a specific style and set of characters and which includes a sense of completeness. Stories are the building blocks of knowledge, the foundation of memory and learning. Also stories connect us with our humanness and link past, present, and future by teaching us to anticipate the possible consequences of our actions.


What is a telling? It is the live, person-to-person oral and physical presentation of a story to an audience. "Telling" involves direct contact between teller and listener. It mandates the direct presentation of the story by the teller. The teller's role is to prepare and present the necessary language, vocalization, and physicality to effectively and efficiently communicate the images of a story. The listener's role is to actively create the vivid, multi-sensory images, actions, characters, and events-the reality-of the story in their mind based on the performance by the teller, and on their past experiences, beliefs, and understandings. The completed story happens in the mind of the listener, unique and personal for each individual.

Storytelling is an interactive performance art form.

Storytelling is, by its nature, personal, interpretive, and uniquely human.

Storytelling passes on the essence of who we are. Stories are a prime vehicle for assessing and interpreting events, experiences, and concepts from minor moments of daily life to the grand nature of the human condition. It is an intrinsic and basic form of human communication. This is more than any other form of communication, the telling of stories in an integral and essential part of the human experience.

Storytelling is what happens when a story is told, face to face, eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart. The story is intimately known by the teller, spoken aloud, and shared, like a gift, with the audience.

Storytelling is the oldest oral art. Many years ago, when the only form of communication was by word of mouth, stories were the only means of gaining information and spreading news. Stories taught us who we were, where we came from, and how we should relate to each other.

Storytelling encompasses a vast heritage of lore, myths, epic tales, folk tales, traveller’s tales; tales of the creation of the world, tales of its destruction; sagas of Gods and men; all the great traditional legends from around the world. It includes personal stories and yarns.

Storytelling is more than just performance or entertainment; Storytelling can also educate, heal, lead to better practice in business, and inspire and change lives.


Storytellers have in common the need to expand and develop their speaking talents for this is a public speaking art form.


The Art of Storytelling draws upon other art forms such as:

• Oral Interpretation

• Stage Acting

• Theater Performance.

Benefits of Storytelling

• Motivating kids to read more stories on their own, thus improving their reading skills and building their vocabulary.

• Develops creativity and feelings of empathy for other people.

• It has great healing capabilities.

• Helps students better understand and later recall information.

Storyhouse is an open organisation which welcomes anyone with an interest in oral storytelling, whether teller, listener, beginner or professional. We are actively bringing like-minded people together to enjoy, discuss and practice the art of storytelling. Also offers opportunities, resources, workshops, coaching and accreditation for storytellers. We provide an avenue or forum for storytellers to share their skills. However, for us at Storyhouse, stories are TOLD, rather than read aloud. Stories are not read from books but retold by the tellers, making each interpretation unique.


Objectives of the Art of Storytelling workshop:

• Promote the “art” of storytelling.

• Create remarkable improvement in public speaking.

• Learning the crafts of International Storytellers.

• Develop communication skills.

• Enhance cultural understanding on Filipino traditions and values.

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