Jay Menes 

Filipino Storyteller, Actor, Facilitator, Adventurer

Life is Simple; Live Simple Life


Quotes You are one of my best buddies and one of the finest storytellers in the islands. Feel the story beat! Jay is a fantastic storyteller and actor who presents storytelling workshops all over the Philippines. He also attended my first day workshop. Jay told me that my the marketing workshop I taught in 2004 in the Philippines really inspired him to make the leap into professional storytelling. Wow! Jay was kind enough to escort me and my cousin, Katrin, back to my hotel - just to make sure we made it back okay (more coffee, Jay?). Thank you, my friend! Quotes
Dianne de Las Casas www.storyconnection.net
Best Buddy

Quotes A year ago, I had this dream of becoming a story-reader, with focus on Bible-stories. But first, I thought I need to learn how to become a story-reader. Quite by chance, I received an email from a friend about a storytelling workshop in a Pasig museum. That's where I met Jay Menes. I must say that after the workshop, my life changed considerably. I have done two storytelling sessions and hopefully there'd be more under Jay's guidance. But more than that, my career also had a positive outcome because of storytelling. I will soon start in a new job as a trainer. How did storytelling help? During the demo teach session in the application process, I incorporated storytelling which the panel liked very much. Thanks to Jay, I know I'll soon fulfill my dreams of incorporating Bible-stories in storytelling. More power, Jay and hope many more dreams get fulfilled with your help! Quotes
Dom Arias Agcaoili
Dream Come True

Quotes Jay Menes (Manila), whom Gere discovered via YouTube. ?He has a real freshness and a fun ? warm, sunny, joyful way of being,? Gere said. Menes, who works for museums and conducts drama education in Manila, tells folk tales and cultural stories. Quotes
Jeff Gere http://www.jeffgere.com/
He has a real freshness and a fun

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